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Trade Exhibition Organisers

One of PKE’s greatest expertise is organising trade show.  The team at PKE understand and know the trade exhibition inside and out and more importantly have the experience of what is required to make them a success.   

PKE’s scope and scale is unlimited largely due to the many years of experience and first hand knowledge the team possess operating trade shows throughout the Middle East and Asia. 

​Not only does PKE own and manage their own trade exhibitions but they can also offer and specialise in launching new tradeshows and developing concepts brought by others.  The team is always on the look out for individuals and organisations that have innovative ideas but do not have the expertise to launch their new idea themselves.  PKE build rewarding partnerships with organizations to successfully launch and develop in both existing and new market. 

The team pride themselves in the experience that is needed for the  intricate planning and operational management of both niche and large-scale exhibitions.   

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